British 4.5" Gun Mk-2

1/35th , WWII, Accurate Armour, British, Commonwealth, Complete kit-resin, AA-G003
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This little known 'brother' of the famous 5.5" medium artillery gun (G04) was designed and introduced after the loss of most of the Royal Artillery weapons in France during 1940, and introduced many modern features which made this one of the most reliable artillery guns of the WW-2, the lighter shell gave a range advantage over enemy artillery. The gun was first used in North Africa, and Italy and finally in N.W.Europe after D-Day. The weapon fired 55lb (25kg) HE shells up to 20,500 yards (18,800m). It served for many decades post-war in a training role, and was towed by the Matador artillery tractor, and post war by the Leyland Artillery tractor. This all resin model comes complete with sights, tools, loading tray and a small selection of ammunition and packaging.

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Accurate Armour
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Complete kit-resin
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