British Centurion ARV Mk-1 Conversion with interior

1/35th , Post 1945, Accurate Armour, NATO, British, Conversion kit, AA-C087I
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1/35th scale resin conversion set for AFV Club Centurion kits. A standard UK pattern vehicle can be made and alternative parts are also included to make the only surviving example which ended up in Australian service.

The set includes new rear decks and extended hull and revised hull upper plates and complete removable superstructure. All ARV stowage bins are included along with replacement early tank trackguard bins and all external stowage with drawbars, snatch blocks, front vice and rear spade are also included. Brass cable and etched brass detail fret is also included along with a decals set featuring a good assortment of marking options.

Also included is a complete drivers compartment set with controls*, internal hull bulkheads and floor plates and a fully detailed superstructure interior with radio and seats. The complete winch unit with all pay-on gear and controls is supplied along with the truck engine for driving the winch situated in the hull. As the superstructure bolted to the hull it could be displayed hung from a crane revealing the winch inside which is mounted to girders on the hull deck.

The Centurion ARV Mk-1 was designed in 1951 at the REME workshops in Aldershot as an urgent requirement for the Korean War campaign to support and replace the aging and slow Churchill ARV Mk-2. Production ran from 1951 to 1957 with approximately 180 conversions completed, all of which were on Centurion "Long" Mk-1 hulls. This ARV served with the British Army until 1959, and some examples served with New Zealand, Australian, Jordanian and Israeli forces.

Scale :
Time period :
Post 1945
Manufacturer :
Accurate Armour
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Conversion kit
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