US M3 Lee "Burma" set

1/35th , WWII, MR Modellbau, USA, Detail set, MR-35595
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For the TAKOM kit.

During the recapture 1944 of Burma around 900 M3 Lee Medium Tanks mostly from US Army depots were used in combat as “Burma Lee”. The tanks had a lot of additional equipment and carried some stowage and personal gear. The vehicle were slightly modified, the machine gun cupola was removed from the 37mm gun turret and the flat hatch of M3 Grant turret fitted instead. The tanks had additional radio equipment and often improvised add-on armor made from track sections. The Burma Lees were equipped from the crews, so there are several possibilities for a personal choice of building a tank according to war time combat pictures.

The MR Models set MR-35595 contains many canvas and bed rolls, tent packs, stowage stacks, wooden crates and boxes, cal.30 and cal. 50 ammo boxes, British metal ammunition boxes, fuel and water cans, steel helmets and some other small parts. For the tank modifications is included the split turret hatch of M3 Grant, British antenna bases with base rod for the front antenna.

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MR Modellbau
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Detail set
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