British 3.7" HAA Gun

1/35th , WWII, Accurate Armour, British, Commonwealth, Complete kit-resin, AA-G002
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This comprehensive 35th scale model by Leon Hassing & Derek Hansen depicts the famous 'Three-seven' AA Gun. Or if you prefer; The 3.7" HAA Mk-2 on Mk-3 mobile mounting. This was the standard UK WW-2 Heavy AA Gun, similar to the German '88' in some respects, but not intended as a multi-role weapon.The 3.7" (94mm) had superb AA and artillery performance and was only occasionaly used in the anti-tank role, but with a 28lb shell (compared to the '88's 20lb), it packed a punch! This was the standard HAA gun for the British Army on all fronts from 1941/42 onwards. Many were also used for UK home defence.This all resin model can be depicted in firing or transport mode, and Limber Mk-2, and Carriage Mk-2 are included, as is a 10 piece 3.7" ammunition set comprising HE, Shrapnel and APCBC-T rounds. An extensive etched brass detail set is also included.We also include decals for all the Ammunition, and a selection of unit markings for AA Regiments of 1st, 2nd & 8th Army, 21st Army Group and post-war AA Command, bridge plates & battery markings. Full colour instructions are included.

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