Israeli IDF Special Forces Land Rover

1/35th , Post 1945, Accurate Armour, IDF, Complete kit-resin, AA-LR015
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Wooden Leg’, Regel E’tz in Hebrew is the codename given to Land Rover vehicles in the IDF. This particular variant was used by Sayeret Maglan with a dismountable BMG-71 TOW for ‘Scud’ hunting in an area that became known as ‘Scud Boulevard’ during Operation Desert Storm in 1991.

The Model is extensively detailed with full suspension and springs, highly detailed surfaces and equipment and a full load of TOW ammunition tubes in a custom rack. The kit also includes communication equipment, Carbon Whip aerial, decal sheet, fine photo etched brass with ‘pull tight’ webbing straps and a fully detail TOW launcher with day and night sight.

A TOW tripod is included along with the parts required to ‘remote’ the TOW launcher on foot as was done during the operation.


Time period
Post 1945
Accurate Armour
Country Primary
Complete kit-resin
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