British Conqueror ARV Mk-2 FV222

1/35th , Post 1945, Accurate Armour, British, NATO, Complete kit-resin, AA-K105
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The huge FV222 Conqueror Armoured Recovery Vehicle Mk-2 was the most powerful ARV to enter British Army service, and was introduced as the standard ARV issued to units operating the Conqueror Heavy Gun tank in British Army service.

This complete full model kit designed by features complete suspension with correct detail track and all correct lower hull fittings and details with comprehensive skirt plate set, full ARV recovery equipment, all stowage and movable spade.The comprehensive and easy to use etched brass detail set includes twin rear stays/jibs, baskets, padlocks and many other fittings. The commanders 0.30 Browning M.G. is also included as is a full set of woven brass cables. A full colour decal set for basic but authenticated marking options is also included.

Time period
Post 1945
Accurate Armour
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Complete kit-resin
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